Be Free by Danielle Fishel Brand Value Icons


"I bought your shampoo and conditioners the second that I saw them advertised by Danielle. The past 4 years I’ve been dealing with a heartbreaking health journey. One of the things I’ve made a conscious effort in changing is cutting as many chemicals and toxins from my beauty products. While I was using shampoo/conditioners that were mostly clean, decided to try yours. My hair is super thick and “wavy”?! Just lots of hair, I was afraid the conditioner wouldn’t “be enough”. Well... it was. I love it. My hair smells great, feels soft and is so shiny! I ordered more conditioner already and I pre-ordered shampoo for the next batch. Please don’t stop making it!!" - Jean

"I just want to let you know how amazing your shampoo, conditioner and scalp refresh are! I am amazed by how light my hair feels, while also being super shiny and well-tamed! Ha! Up until this point, I had never been able to find a hair product line that allowed my hair to feel so great and even air-dry so amazingly well" - Ana

"Your products have changed my hair for the better. I’m not even exaggerating! I have been using them since the beginning of December. I didn’t want to make any judgements the first couple of washes because I’ve had my fair share of products that seem good in the beginning. I truly feel my hair is being nourished and I’ve never felt that from a shampoo. One big thing that surprised me was that the shampoo is so easy to get out! I’ve never experienced this with a sulfate-free shampoo. Even the expensive stuff is so hard to get out or I can’t tell when it is all out. When I use those products, my hair soon becomes greasy because I did not get the shampoo all out of my hair. This shampoo is not like that! It washes out so easily and makes my hair feel so refreshed and nourished. This truly is life changing for people with wavy, thick and/ or color treated hair. I have all three and have never ever been pleased with any kind of shampoo. I cannot thank you enough for these products." - Sydney

"I love your products! Main reason why I started using your products is because I'm suffering from thinning hair. My hair fall out is beyond horrible. I had to cut my hair super short so my thinning crown area wasn't noticeable as much. After my 2nd baby, my hair did come back to my natural curls. And my curls now after using your products are beyond beautiful so thank you very much!" - Rosemary

"I tried my Be Free shampoo & conditioner for the first time today and let me say - you did NOT disappoint!! Normally in the winter my hair is frizzy, staticky, & NEEDS to be straightened or curled before leaving the house unless I clip or ponytail it up. I can honestly say today I did NOT have to do any prep prior to leaving my house after I showered and blowdried my hair!  There was ZERO CREASING; ZERO STATIC, ZERO HAIR-RELATED DRAMA so I will GLADLY use these products for many years to come (so please keep making them!) My dreams of Topanga/Danielle hair is finally coming true ☺️♥️" - Priscilla

"I've been using the products for a few weeks now and cannot get over the difference! My hair is softer and shinier, even when it air dries. I have noticeably less hair falling out, which is incredible since I'm almost 3 month postpartum. I'm even finding that I can stretch out the length of time between my gray root cover-ups because the grays aren't so noticeable when all my hair is shiny and healthy. Others have even started commenting on how great my hair looks, including my husband's sweet grandma with Alzheimers. Even though she had no idea who I was, she just kept raving to my husband how amazing my hair looked." - J

"I just wanted to say I love the products so much and have been referring them to my color clients! My purple and green hair is still as vibrant as the day I did it, so it is perfect for those unicorns out there. I've been in the industry for eight years, and sold hair care for three before that, so good quality products are important to me. I can't say it enough how much I love the line. Great job and I can't wait to see what comes next!" - Melissa

"A few years ago I had issues with hair falling out, breaking, and looking awful from the keto diet and have tried for 2 years to get my healthy hair back and have also dealt with scalp buildup/psoriasis.  After washing with the Be Free by Danielle Fishel shampoo and conditioner my scalp felt SO clean! I didn't put any product in my hair before blow drying and I usually put some type of thickener in. My hair is SO soft, like so so soft and smooth (not frizzy looking on the ends after blow drying like usually) and there is a fullness/body to my hair that is normally not there without product. And the scent is amazing! It has only been one wash and I'm in love. Also - normally the first day after a wash I wake up and my hair looks a little greasy already but woke up this morning and hair still looks fab!" - Cassie Jo

"I have long been searching for a shampoo/conditioner that really works for my hair. I have fairly thick, naturally dark hair, but have been bleaching and dyeing my hair various shades of purple for about four years. As you can imagine, without some major TLC and deep conditioning, my hair can be and look quite a mess. I have found that even shampoos marketed as color safe tend to strip “fun” colors quite a bit.

I cannot wash my hair every day with the color treatment I have, so I have this far used the shampoo conditioner three times, and the scalp refresh daily for 8 days. The shampoo and conditioner both have a nice, light scent. I have seen very minimal color loss, and my hair texture is already improving. I usually curl or braid my hair to avoid adding to the damage by heat styling, and even then my ends are usually very dry and brittle feeling. Today when I took my curlers out my hair was shiny and soft from root to tip, and easy to style. I didn’t even add leave in conditioner, and my hair feels and looks like I just did a deep conditioning mask.  I am definitely going to be a loyal customer of this line, my hair and scalp feel amazing!" - Summer

These are just a few! You can find more on our individual product pages. Try our products out for yourself and let us know what you think : )